What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

She runs after her dog as he races down the promenade. Her faces flushes with embarrassment as she feels the judgement in the eyes of the other walkers out for a Sunday stroll as they eye her wobbling muffin top and chubby thighs. Her heart is racing from that short sprint and she has to stop and catch her breath before she can carry on, leaning over to rest her hands on her knees .. she notices the flabby rolls protruding above her size x-large tracksuit pants with self-disgust…

Does any part of this short story resonate with you? We all get bombarded with conflicting messages all day… accept yourself vs improve yourself!  Be happy with who you are vs work on yourself to be a better version of you! So what do you do?

You have to decide… are you really happy with how you look and feel? If any part of you answers NO, you have taken the first step towards making a change. Now you have to find the motivation and have the mindset to get you there.

What motivates a person is often very personal … I want to be skinny for my wedding, I want to lose weight to breathe easier, I want to reduce my thighs so I can wear shorts… It is important to clarify and specify what your reasons are, as they will be your prompt when the going gets tough and temptation beckons!

Whatever the specific reasons are, the underlying motivators for losing weight can often be reduced to three main areas:

To feel better about yourself ie the way you feel in clothes

To have other people view you more positively ie how they are judging/viewing you

To regain health, energy and vitality ie being able to breathe easily, walk comfortably, do sports.

Which of these are most important to you, or do they all play a role in motivating you?

To make these work for you, you have to identify what your prime motivators are and then use them as tools, creating a form of ‘Motivation Board’ for yourself to keep your Mindset focussed on your goal:

  • Write down your own personal 3 main reasons for wanting to lose weight,
  • Stick it up where you can see it often
  • Use visual aids to remind you, ie a photo of you fat (aversion) or skinny (goals), a picture of your wedding dress, a party invitation…
  • Use a goal or aspiration… ie a pair of jeans you want to fit in, and try it on, on a regular basis; or stick up the notice of a fun run you have entered, marking the count-down on your calendar;

When you are tempted to give up, let these Questions motivate you:

  • If I stop my TLC-Program now, how will I feel in 6 months?
  • If I stop my TLC-Program now, how will my family/friends be affected or view me?
  • If I stop my TLC-Program now, how will my health be in 6 months?

It is up to you to make these motivations work for you.  Make a point of standing in front of your ‘motivation board’ at least once a day, and remind yourself why you have these goals.

Get your Mindset Right… Get Motivated

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