Ask the TLC-Chef … How to keep berries from going mouldy

There is nothing more discouraging than buying good food and having it go bad before you get to eat it.
There is nothing quite like the flavour of fresh berries, unfortunately mould is the berry’s friend, so it can be disappointing and expensive to have to discard them after a few days.

All fresh berries are delicate in nature and tend to spoil rather quickly, especially certain types of raspberries. In fact, it often seems as if the start growing mould the minute you leave the farmer’s market and before you can get them into the cool fridge!

So whats the solution?

There is an all-natural way to make sure that they stay fresh and mould-free for much longer. The main issue is how to kill the mould spores present on berries using something food safe (that also doesn’t affect the taste). It turns out that vinegar is the solution!

How it works:

  • As soon as you get the berries home, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar to ten parts filtered water into a bowl; apple or white cider vinegar works best.
  • Dump the fresh berries you recently purchased into a bowl and give them a good swirl and rinse.
  • Rinse the berries a final time.
  • Lightly pat the berries with a paper towel, and place the bowl into the refrigerator.

You will find that you can’t even detect the taste of vinegar because the mixture is so diluted. The vinegar kills mould spores that surface bacteria that cause berries to spoil quickly. After you complete this simple process, your berries will taste and look fresh for a week or more.

So go out and purchase all the fresh berries you want – because now your berries will last until you’re ready to eat them.

Try it out, and let us know how it works for you!

Any questions you can email the TLC-Chef at :  tlc.chef@tlcforwellbeing.com

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