TLC-Bytes … Why am I getting fat?

Why are we getting fat?  And how do we stop the vicious cycle?

The miracle of the TLC-Program in a nutshell!

We do not get fat because we eat too much or exercise too little. We get fat because we eat the wrong things!

The culprit is carbohydrates (not fats!!)! Our bodies cannot process and metabolise the enormous amounts of sugar in the modern diet. A lot of the sugar in our daily foods are refined and processed (for example bread, juice, cereal, chocolate, pasta, soda). It requires almost no energy to digest. If the body is ‘deprived’ of these easy sugars, it has to get ‘to work’ to produce the energy the body needs; through burning fat!

This is what happens on the TLC-Program! The body is returned to a fat-burning system through carefully calculated, precise food ‘prescriptions’! In the absence of ‘empty’ sugars (carbohydrates), the body burns fat as a matter of course, and it does not accumulate.

By balancing the endocrine system and improving metabolism, the TLC-Program then results in rapid fatloss and a healthy body, improved health and improved mood and mental health!

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Written by SE More for TLC!

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