Ask the TLC-Chef … How to Cook en Papillote

Cooking foods en papillote—which means the food is sealed up in packages to steam in their own flavourful liquids—is a quick and easy way to cook a delicious meal.

There are a few rules of thumb to follow, but once you wrap everything up, the aromatic moist heat inside the package takes over to gently cook what’s inside and infuse it with flavour.

And it’s an ideal low-fat cooking method. What’s really great about this method is how the pure flavours of the ingredients mingle with one another to create a delicate and aromatic dish.

You can add any ingredient you like into the package (using your allowance of course) and it will be delicious!

Here’s how to “Cook-en-Papillote” – try it, its easy:

Step One: Cut off a square of parchment paper and fold it in half.

Step Two: Cut out a heart shape

Step Three: Position the primary ingredient (this method works really well with fish and chicken)

Step Four: Add any additional ingredients including herbs and spices

Step Five: Make a small fold

Step Six: Make another small fold

Step Seven: Continue making folds

Step Eight: You will end up with a pigtail

Step Nine: Fold the pigtail underneath

Step Ten: Using a sharp knife or scissors cut open the top of the package.

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