Mom and Daughter on their journey to Wellbeing!

Hi Everyone

My name is Samantha Griffin and I am a TLC-Retailer in the Boksburg area.  Both my mother and I are enjoying being on the TLC-Program and I wanted to share my story with you.

I did my first TLC-Program four years ago.  I lost a whopping 24.4kg in six months but then we went on holiday.  I was supposed to do my stabilisation program when we got back but fell into a comfort zone and never did my Phase 3 and 4.

It took a long time for the weight to slowly creep back on and by the end of last year, I was almost back to where I started.  Also, I started my own TLC-Clinic in March last year after I was retrenched and realised that I was not being a good role model for my clients.

Motivating people and helping them lose weight is something  I have wanted to do since I did the program the first time, as I believe it is the best, safest and most effective program out there.  Each program is uniquely designed to support each individual in the most effective way and makes perfect sense!

Sam Griffin almost there!

I started my TLC-Program again on 03 January 2013 and have lost 12.8kg and 47.5cm so far.  I am now 9.3kg away from my goal weight and this time, I am going to see it right through to the to the end……….

TLC has changed my life hugely – I have more energy, I feel so much healthier, I can do much more than I used to, my self-confidence has improved drastically and although I am just passed halfway, I already feel like a whole new me………..

It has also been fantastic to do the program with my clients – we inspire each other and we are all on the same page – to all my clients – we make a great team!

Cynthia 7 kg to go!

Not only have my Clients joined me but my mother (Cynthia Kruger) too.  She started with me and has lost 13kg and 45.5cm – now only 7kg from goal.

I would like to encourage everyone out there who is considering a weight loss and well-being program to join TLC.  It is incredible, it really works fast and keeps you motivated because you lose weight effortlessly.  And if you are in the Boksburg, Brakpan or Germiston area, please come in and see me for a free assessment – I would love to meet you and share your weight loss and well-being journey with you……

Will let you know in a few weeks time how I am progressing…………

Take care


If you would like to Contact Samantha Griffin please call her at 074 147 4158 or samantha@tlcforwellbeing.com
Please go to www.tlcforwellbeing.com for more information on the TLC-Program.


  1. Jane says:


    I am really proud of you and your mom.
    It is very motivating. I am on TLC but I am finding it hard to stick to.
    I am always cheating and then it is hard to go back on. But I know if I can do it for just two months I will be fine. I just wish I could be as strong as you two.
    Well Done!

    1. Sam Griffin says:

      Thank you so much! we are nearly there! Hey, you can do it too……..

  2. Sharls says:

    This is a very interesting diet concept. I am going to see if it is available where I am. The stories are soon inspiring. :-)

  3. Sarah says:

    Well done Sam and Cynnie – so proud of you beautiful ladies! What an inspiration you are. Miss you and sending so much love xoxoxox

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