Finally I have a healthy body … Debbie Louw

Debbie after TLC

I was always an active person, ate well and never had any problems with my weight in my thirty’s. Then the gym in the town I lived in became unpleasant and I made a decision to stop exercising. I started to eat  more and over the next 18 years I put on 10 kgs. It worried me but never enough for me to take any action.

Then I broke my leg and put on 5 kgs. I was really concerned and I started exercising again thinking that this would stimulate my body and the weight would fall off. This did not happen and I probably put on a kg. 18 months later I broke my leg again and again put on 3 kgs. During this time I continued to exercise and even had a personal trainer, but my weight on the scale continued going up!!

One day when I was leaving the gym I saw a flyer advertising TLC. I was drawn to “NO SHAKES, NO PILLS”. I made contact that week with TLC and had my first interview and the changes started.

The detox stage was relatively easy for me – I did not take sugar, only had a little milk in my cereal and did not have any alcohol unless we were going out or entertaining and I was already exercising. The only big change was drinking 2 lt of water. I always thought I drank more than enough water but realized this was not the case. During this detox stage the weight fell off me – this really surprised me and inspired me.

Cutting out carbohydrates worried me and I thought I would struggle at the gym, but my energy levels remained stable and I was able to continue exercising at the same level.

The first week or two of Phase 2 were difficult. Getting in to a regular routine and not allowing myself to get hungry was essential and once we did that things got easier.

During the 3 months on Phase 2 we had a very busy period in our lives – we had visitors staying with us, we travelled – but I remained focused and was able to stay on the program and the weight continued to fall off.

Debbie Before TLC

Now that I am at my goal weight I feel so much better about myself. I continue to exercise and drink 2 .5  litres of water a day. I am careful with my diet but am now able to eat what I want.

The support from my husband and family was amazing and I know that this made my weight loss journey easier.

Debbie’s Results:
Weight Loss: 15.5kg
Hip:  34cm’s lost
Waist:  14cm’s lost
BMI:  28.83 to 23.05 (healthy)

Debbie did her TLC-Program at TLC-Harare – for more information please go to our website:  www.tlcforwellbeing.com


  1. Aini says:

    do,nt u have TLC in Namibia? I am having a big tammy but i do not know what to do, please help me

    1. TishE says:

      Hi Aini Please fill in our website enquiry form so that we can assist you further: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/tlc_online.php

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