TLC-Client Delia … featured in the Media!

TLC-Client Delia du Toit was recently featured in the YOU BEST DIETS MAGAZINE!

Congratulations Delia on achieving your goals.

Here is a copy of the Article – (October 2012) page 24:

Note from TLC:
Contrary to the dietician’s comments, who obviously did not check the facts of the Program, the TLC-Program does not totally exclude dairy (yoghurt and cheese is allowed) and provides more than sufficient calcium via the yoghurt, cheese and vegetables, and recommended supplements.

If anyone would like a copy of the article please send a request to marketing@tlcforwellbeing.com

Interested in more information on the TLC-Program?  Please view our website at www.tlcforwellbeing.com or contact our call centre 0861 000 852 or +27 31 7674244

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