I’m loving the new me! … Thembile’s Success

Thembile 41kg later!

For the past 12 years, I’ve been struggling with my weight.

Each year I would start with a New Year’s resolution, only to give up and not succeed!

I could not play with my seven year old son.  I would drive everywhere, even short distances that I could have walked.

I battled to find clothes that I liked and would have to settle for any clothes that would fit me.

The last straw was on December last year (2011)  on our Holiday … we went on an MSC cruise over Christmas …  I got into a lift which was full – the last person to get it – it started making noise and I had to get out.  On my way out everyone in the lift started laughing … that was when I realised I needed to do something about my weight.

Thembile before TLC

In January  when I visited Cape Town, I heard about the TLC-Program from my sister and my partner and I decided to join!

We started with our Phase 1 TLC Started Detox Plan and  it went well.  My goal was to lose 39kg and when I started Phase 2 I thought it was impossible.  After only 2 weeks I had lost 5kg and I started believing in myself and that I could achieve my goals.

Two months later I had lost 18kg! That made me stronger and motivated me to keep going.

I have enjoyed the journey and TLC has changed my life.  I feel younger with lots of energy and I have a positive outlook on life.

I went from a size 46 to 36 …. I’m loving the new me!

41kg Later!

As I would love to help other people with their weight issues I know my story will be an inspiration to many people.

It can be done … I did it … Now you can!

Thembile lost his weight with Wilma and Fernando in Pretoria.

Thembile’s Results:

Weight Loss:  41kg
Cms lost on the Hips:  35
Cms lost on the waist:  24

If you would like more information please go direct to our website and fill in the enquiry form:  www.tlcforwellbeing.com or contact 0861 000 852


  1. Paul says:

    Wow,this is a motivation indeed!!

    1. Thembile says:

      thanks a million Paul

  2. Portia Nkosi says:

    Help me loose 15kg by Deecember the 15

    1. Thembile says:

      Lets do it … start 1st of october .. if you give 100% you will achieve …
      lets use next week as detoxing week …

    2. TLC-HQ Admin says:

      Hi Portia – we would love to help you achieve your goals! Please contact us at our call centre 0861 000 852 and we will put you in touch with the nearest TLC-Centre. We wish you every success and hope to feature you on our blog as well :)

  3. Thami says:

    I joined Tlc in March I went to weigh Once as I was starting my MBA block studies . I couldnt go and weigh during the times of weighing and I have told the person that I joined to that ill be starting @ varsity. I think she should have suggested that we pause the programme and start when I have time. No one has ever done the follow up with me since then no email no phone call. What should or must I do now restart with the programme pay the full amount that. I paid in March again.

    1. TLC-HQ Admin says:

      Hi Thami
      Please contact our call centre 0861000852 or email me direct at marketing@tlcforwellbeing.com so that I can assist you. Once we have your details we can work out the best way forward. We want you to be successful and will do whatever is necessary to assist you. Hope to hear from you soon. Tish

  4. Joy says:

    Aaaah! I am so emotional..in a very excited way for Thembile! I personally know him very well and know what an awesome guy he is! congratulations Nqezo my brother..you have a 2nd leap on life:-) You look too fabulous..and know ing you and your gr8 fashion sense, am sure you are enjoying the shopping that comes with the new wardrobe. Im so proud of you my brother..loveU lots!! *mwaaa***

  5. Thembile says:

    PRO my sister thanks … its like im dreaming , and someone is gonna wake me up … its been a journey , i had a great support @ home .. My women shes been great , im speechless dont know what to say …

    I thank God in achieving this milestone for giving me strength … Now im so dedicated in the gym 5 times a week and im loving it … On fashion , you know i do what i do best **smile** … whats refreshing about shopping now i wear what i want and im loving it ….

    Once again thanks PRO ….

    1. Mpho says:

      WOW Thembs!!!Bravo, you really have outdone yourself! I will refer other friends who require some motivation. You look great!

      1. Thembile says:

        Thanks Mpho …

  6. Thembeni Siphika says:

    Wow, bhuti i’m so proud of you and thanks for the lovely words that say “YES YOU CAN”, i think i will use you as my inspiration, i really want to lose this weight but really don’t know how…. I will read through the website then i’ll contact you for advice. Keep it up!!!!

  7. Thembile says:

    Do that my start … You can do this …. YES YOU CAN

  8. Bongiwe Hobongwana says:

    Hi Thembs.

    Wow, am speechless. Congratulations u hv really out done yourself. It certainly didn’t come without any challenges & u pushed regardless to achieve your awesome fresh & new you!
    U hv inspired me to really go to the gym & lose the 2kg I hv bn wanting to lose. If all fails, u r on my speed dial for some tips. U most definitely gona enjoy & kill your 1st summer with ur amazing look.

    Once again, ndiku thulela unqwazi… BravO!

    1. Thembile says:

      Bongs thanks my sister … ndiyabulela kakhulu …
      will call you later …

  9. Margo Moyakhe says:

    Thembile you are looking great! I am so inspired by you!

    1. Thembile says:

      Thanks Margo ….

  10. Lebo Molotsi says:

    Thembile you are an inspiration to me. I have seen several “before and after ” photo,s but this one is a miracle. It shows that you are a disciplined, patient and a visionary person. I can’t wait to sart my journey.

    All the blessings and good health to you.I respect you , loosing just 1 kg is not easy.

    1. Thembile says:

      Thanks a million Lebo …

  11. Lolita says:

    Yhoo! I’m speechless Thembs, Well done! I’m joining the program in Jan

  12. Nondwe Mdala says:

    Well done Mqoma…, I know weight loss is such an emotional journey but you worked and made it in the end, u look good chomi! Keep on maintaining that weight.

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