Globesity…how can you help…a truly wonderful business for You!


TLC-International is offering Health Care Service Providers, Beauty Therapists, Life Coaches, Owners of their own practices, salons, spas, pharmacies and related businesses the opportunity of increasing their range of services to their Clients by retailing TLC-Programs, Products and services within their own existing business. 


 TLC-International has been operating for over 24 years (since 1987) and is a Health and Wellbeing Business providing Medical Nutritional Programs (Personalised Eating Plans), called TLC-Programs.

These TLC-Programs are scientifically proven to reduce and/or, resolve over 350 conditions and ailments. Major Benefits include:

  • Rapid, safe and effective resolution of Obesity/Overweight conditions
  • Significant reduction of risk relating to Lifestyle based Dread Diseases such as: 
    • Cardio Vascular Disease
    • Cardio Vascular Disease
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes Type 2
    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Cholesterol, etc

This is really a simple and very rewarding business to be a part of.  Once the initial processes are done, the opportunities for rewards (in all respects) start very soon. Science, Quality, Professionalism, Holistic Health, Advanced Program Processing and Online Support Systems, Worldwide success over 24 years, Excellent, Rapid, Safe and Precise Client Results (with over 350 conditions), Excellent Client care, Growing Markets, Backed by Research, Ongoing Support, Training and Innovations are the Hallmarks of our TLC-Business, Programs, Products and Services. When you become a TLC-Retailer you become part of a very select team world-wide.


Simply-put: With TLC-Programs you have a proven world-leading program (solution) to the world-wide Obesity and Lifestyle Epidemics that the World Health Organisation (WHO) now calls Globesity!

Growing markets, a real solution, a simple business that has a proven track-record. But, as with any business, you must have the right attitude and be prepared to apply yourself and your resources to operate as a successful TLC-Retailer.

  • Very low start-up costs (enquire now you will be stunned)
  • NO license fees or typical franchise costs
  • LOW operational costs

This guarantees any TLC-Retailer a great start and immediate profits!

For a guideline: Some benchmarks / examples for TLC-Retailers in equivalent local currencies (given our industry knowledge/past experiences and dependent on many factors such as: local markets/ demographics/ resources applied etc.) are monthly rewards ranging (on average) from: 
1) In Europe: EUR1 000 – EUR100 000+ monthly profit
2) In USA and elsewhere: USD5 000-USD75 000+ monthly profit
3) Southern Africa: ZAR 10 000-ZAR 200 000+ monthly profit

As an additional income stream to you, TLC-International will provide to you (at wholesale prices) a range of TLC-Branded Supplements (TLC-Turbo Boost Packs, TLC-Multivitamins, TLC-Antioxidants, TLC-Aromatherapy Oils and Food Scales etc) for resale to your Clients. 

You will order these for delivery to you on the TLC-Online Shop Website. This can be a significant additional source of income for your business.


Two opportunities exist:

  • Open your own TLC-Centre, or
  • Add the TLC-Program, Products and Services to your existing Business


No licence fees or costly franchise fees apply. The only cost will be for a Start Up Pack of Materials to get you ready to start selling TLC-Programs. 


This special pack will include posters, flyers, TLC-Program Books, Application Form Pads, a TLC-Authorised Retailer Certificate, TLC-Training Manual and Powerpoint CD plus other items depending on your area of operation.

The cost to you for this Start Up Pack and other necessary materials (Medical Scale/Height Measuring Sticks) is available on request.  Contact marketing@tlcforwellbeing.com


The TLC-Training Manual (provided in your Start Up Pack) is comprehensive and all inclusive and will provide you with everything you require to start your business.

Additional training will be set up via TLC-Marketing and this will be telephonic/video link via skype. You may opt to book a formal training session (not essential) at the TLC-Training Centre (cost of training and accommodation and transportation will be for your cost). Ongoing support and training is offered when necessary using various methods, ie telephonic, video call, online TLC-Campus websites etc.


We are looking for dynamic and motivated people wanting to open their own TLC-Centre or add TLC-Programs, Products and Services to their existing business. Prospective candidates who have the following attributes will be considered:

  • Strong business sense
  • Marketing skills
  • Financially stable
  • Outgoing nature
  • Drive
  • Energy
  • Hard working
  • Determination
  • Need to make a difference in people’s lives

No medical background required.  We do the Science, Diagnostics and Development of TLC-Programs … You do the Promotion, Marketing and Client Service/Care. 


The process is quick and easy.  With no delays you could be ready to run/operate (and start earning income) in as little as 2 weeks!

The first step is to go to our website: www.tlcforwellbeing.com and fill in the TLC-Retailer Application Form (be sure to agree to the TLC-Terms and Conditions). The direct link for this is:


It is important to agree to the TLC-Terms and Conditions as TLC-International does not require a written contract to be entered into and does not charge any up-front entry/license fees to become a TLC-Retailer but, like any business, certain rules and obligations do exist. These are what we call our Terms and Conditions for TLC-Retailers (which are not negotiable and must be complied with at all times). To view the TLC-Terms and Conditions go to this link:


An explanation of the Terms and Conditions and further information can be found at:


Once you have filled in the TLC-Retailer Application form you will be contacted by TLC-International New Business (Retail) Division confirming approval your Application/TLC-Retailer Status.

You will then receive information on your Starter Pack, Pricing Schedules and an invoice for your TLC-Starter Pack from TLC-Marketing.

Once you have paid and confirmed payment of the amount due your Starter Pack will be prepared for delivery.

Once you are in receipt of your Starter Pack all necessary TLC-System Access will be provided and sent to you.

You will then be ready to start Promoting/Marketing/Selling TLC-Programs etc!


Opportunities now exist for all areas worldwide. 


TLC-International New Business {Retail) Division

Tel: +27 31 7674244 or +27 836562867

TLC-International Marketing Division

Tel:: +27 31 7674316 or +27 828929190

We look forward to hearing from you.



  1. hester wasserfall says:

    What is the cost involved and how do I start a TLC clinic

  2. hester wasserfall says:

    What is the cost involved and how do I start a TLC clinic. Can I open a business from home?

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