Health & Wealth in TLC – Maria TLC-Vereeniging

“All my life I have been very conscious about my health and weight. 

When I reached pre-menopause, I could definitely see the change in my body.  There was fat around my tummy area that I just couldn’t get rid of.  That’s when I decided to follow the TLC-Program.

In a short time I lost 7kg and it is still easy to maintain my goal weight after four years.  I still feel wonderful, have lots of energy, sleep well, and going through menopause with a breeze! 

On the TLC Program I was still able to eat tasty, healthy meals. 

The program gave me specific guidelines,  portion sizes to follow and a big variety of healthy food to choose from.  Years later I still follow the TLC-Program principles and find it really easy to stay slim and healthy.

I am now the owner of  my own TLC-Clinic in Vereeniging, and I am grateful for the opportunity.  For the last four years I was able to motivate my clients to reach their goals too!”

Maria before TLC

If you would like to be a TLC-Weight Loss Coach or if you would like to open your own TLC-Wellbeing Clinic in South Africa then contact us at: 0861 000 852 or marketing@tlcforwellbeing.com or fill in the online business opportunity application form on www.tlcforweightloss.co.za or www.tlcforwellbeing.com  

If you are in Vereeniging and would like to contact Maria to do a TLC-Program contact her at: 016 423 3781 or 0824162544 or view her website: www.tlcvereeniging.co.za


  1. nokuthula says:

    why my weight loss fluctuates cause im following the diet and im drinking 12cups of water per day?

    1. TishE says:

      Dear Nokuthula. Your weight may fluctuate from time to time for many reasons. Please email your TLC-Weight-Loss Coach at the branch you purchased your TLC-Program from for more targeted advise. Regards Tish

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