Health & Wealth in TLC – Amanda Cape Town North

“2005 was the year I changed my life!

I joined TLC to do a TLC-Program and lost 7kg in one month … after 6 years I’m still at my goal weight!

As a believer in the benefits of this amazing Program I decided to invest in my own TLC-Clinic and opened in Durbanville in the Cape.  I have now been running my own TLC-Clinic for 4 years and I love helping my Clients reach their goals.  TLC led me down a path of self discovery which I am greatful for every day.

I always motivate my Clients by telling them:

I have been on your side of the table and I want to see you as happy as I am, have more confidence, more energy, and I want you to feel and be healthy … TLC is a rapid journey to reaching your goals and then onwards to greater wellbeing!!

I thank TLC for changing my life – I love the new healthier improved me and the financial freedom I now have thanks to this wonderful and profitable business.”

If you would like to be a TLC-Weight Loss Coach or if you would like to open your own TLC-Wellbeing Clinic in South Africa then contact us at:

0861 000 852 or marketing@tlcforwellbeing.com or fill in the online business opportunity application form on www.tlcforweightloss.co.za or www.tlcforwellbeing.com

If you are in Cape Town North and would like to contact Amanda or one of her TLC-Weight Loss Coaches in the area to do a TLC-Program contact her at:  021-9884832 or view her website:  www.tlcctnorth.co.za


  1. Chandre Blood says:

    Hi Amanda

    I would like to join the TLC program into helping me lose weight and reach my goal weight and have a better and healthier lifestyle, also I would then love to be a TLC-Weight loss coach after I have successfully lost weight. Please could you send me more info regarding the program as well as the cost.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chandre Blood

  2. Ria Grobler says:

    Hi Amanda, I would also like to loose weight. I weigh 139 an 58 and Diabetic type 2 and use insulin. I would like to know more about the program how you have to eat and what and if I can follow the program.

    Kindest Regards,
    Ria Grobler
    Cel 0823815485

    1. TishE says:

      Hi Ria Please fill in our website enquiry form so that we can assist you further: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/tlc_online.php

  3. magda says:

    hi, would like to see one of your coaches, need help to lose weight urgently, pls!

    1. TishE says:

      Hi Magda, please fill in our online enquiry form so that we can assist you further: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/tlc_online.php
      Thank you. TLC-Admin

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