“What an amazing feeling”! … Helena’s Story

I have been at my goal weight for almost 7 years now – wow that is an amazing feeling!

For as long as I can remember I have had a weight problem.  At the age of 10 my mother had me on a program and I lost 20kg’s.  My teenage years where ‘chunky’ years, I was never really overweight, but I was certainly not slim and trim like all my friends.  My real problem started after the birth of my first child.  I put on a whopping 25kg’s and resorted to laxatives to get rid of the weight.  My friendship with these laxatives lasted a long time until such time as I was dangerously thin and not very well.  I managed to wean myself off the laxatives and then proceeded to try every single diet under the sun including skipping meals and near starvation all to help me get the weight off, but to no avail, the kilos just kept piling on.  After the birth of my second child I once again took to the laxatives and again repeated the same destructive journey, no sooner would I achieve a good number on the scale then I would start eating “normally” and immediately put on the weight plus some.

TLC found me I’m sure of that. At my very heaviest and feeling ill, unhealthy, depressed and with no self esteem, someone told me about this program. I knew at that stage that I had serious health concerns and I needed to heal myself urgently.  The TLC program was my life saver, I started the program and 12 weeks later I was 17kg’s lighter.

I had never felt better, my hair was shiny, my skin glowing and my energy level was super high!  All my health concerns seem to disappear.  I couldn’t believe that I could eat and lose weight; it took me a while to adjust to eating 3 meals a day, but I soon got used to it and enjoyed every single meal I prepared.   I was a little concerned after stabilization that I might put on weight again, but that just doesn’t seem to happen.  I have learnt what my body likes and the trigger foods I should avoid, I no longer have the need for laxatives, I am happy, healthy and well and long may it last!”

Helena Brown did her TLC-Program in Dubai.

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