Ask the TLC-Chef … How to keep berries from going mouldy

There is nothing more discouraging than buying good food and having it go bad before you get to eat it. There is nothing quite like the flavour of fresh berries, unfortunately mould is the berry’s friend, so it can be disappointing and expensive to have to discard them after a few days. All fresh berries… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … How to make Vegetable Stock

As ready-bought stock and stock cubes/powder are not allowed on the TLC-Program you will have to make your own. Every time we make vegetable stock in the TLC-Test Kitchen, we wonder why we ever bother buying it in the store. It’s so easy! This is how: Go to your TLC-Phase 2 Vegetable List in your TLC-Program… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … How to make Coconut Milk

COCONUT MILK can now be introduced on a very limited ‘Treat” basis on the TLC-Program, ie not daily but as a treat once in a while! HOMEMADE COCONUT MILK RECIPE Specific Restrictions: 50 ml of Coconut Milk maximum which must replace half a fruit from your daily allowance DO NOT USE CANNED MILK NOTE: When using… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … How to dry your own Herbs

How often do you throw away spoiled herbs?  We all tend  to get over excited in the supermarket buying too much and then later throwing most away? Now that the chilly months are here and our herb garden at the TLC-Test  Kitchen is looking sparse, we are so glad we dried our herbs when they… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … How important is it to weigh food when dieting?

People blame weight gain on a lot of things; heredity, age, and metabolism, are just a few. However, for many people, eating too much food is really what’s behind the extra junk in their trunk. It’s important then that we pay particular attention not to just what we eat, but how much. When you are… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … Kitchen Tips

In the TLC-Kitchen we are always pressed for time and always look for easy tips to save time, and prepare and cook more efficiently. We know that preparing in advance is a great time saver. We recommend that you plan your menu a week in advance.  Look up recipes in the TLC-Well-Log and ensure you… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … Quick Baked Apples

While the weather is still chilly there is nothing better than a delicious baked apple (also great in the cooler weather though). Baked Apples are a scrummy and healthy dessert.  You will love the smell too.  Baking apples in the oven gives your kitchen a wonderfully warm, aromatic scent. You can bake your apples in… Continue reading »


Ask the TLC-Chef … How to make the TLC-Roti Recipe

Now that homemade Roti is allowed on the TLC-Program we thought we would share the TLC-Roti (Chapatti) Recipe with you. Its really easy to make so try it out and share with your family! Made from very fine whole wheat flour found in Indian stores. Some recipes call for milk or yogurt (said to make… Continue reading »